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you are breaking, but you are oh so strong my warrior, my knight in thread bare armor.
i know it seems like hope has dissipated but trust me, darling, i can see it shining in the distance.
keep on fighting.
you've travelled a thousand miles, i will help you travel a thousand more.
when your burden becomes too much to bare, my soldier, i will be your Atlas. i will take the weight of your world upon my shoulders and grant you a reprieve. for your burden is nothing more than good intentions and honor, the curse of a man striving to live valiantly.
let me steal your cares away, my dearest, if only for the night.
rest in me, my precious, your demons can wait until the morning.
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the sky in july
today the sky was the wrong color for july.
i tried to fix it,
but i couldn't find the right shade of blue.
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Golden-Headed Lion Tamarin by modestlyvainglorious Golden-Headed Lion Tamarin :iconmodestlyvainglorious:modestlyvainglorious 1 0 Thesealion by modestlyvainglorious Thesealion :iconmodestlyvainglorious:modestlyvainglorious 0 1 Elephant by modestlyvainglorious Elephant :iconmodestlyvainglorious:modestlyvainglorious 1 0
hey soldier
hey soldier.
i've lost count of all the letters i've started. most of them sound the same though and i promise you're not missing out on much.
i want to ask you how you're holding up, but i don't want to know the answer. will you even tell me the truth? i want to tell you that i know you're in a scary place. that even though this is what you wanted, i know you got more than you expected. but i don't really know that. and why start lying to you now? i want to ask if you think of me at all, but that always feels a little selfish. after all, you have a whole country you're fighting for and i'm just sitting behind a desk hoping i don't get another paper cut.
sometimes i stare at my phone hoping that next time you get to call home it'll be my  number you dial, but that's not the case. that'll never be the case. 
and if you ever read this, i bet you'll be thinking to yourself "God, will she ever let me go?" 
truth is, i'd like to tell you i haven't thought of you in two m
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i have good days.
like when that red head boy scrunches up his nose in an attempt to make me laugh.
and i actually do.
and then i laugh a little more because he's confused at my surprise.
or when i wake up with a smile on my face for no apparent reason.
or like last week when i had that happy song stuck in my head all day.
or yesterday when i almost forgot about you and i didn't even have to swallow your memory down with something stronger than chocolate milk.
i have good days.
but then i have bad days.
like when jim croce comes on the radio and i can't change the station in time and then i can't change the station at all because i'm remembering the way the words sound coming out of your mouth and i'm crying.
or when i think it's a good idea to check in on your mom and we start talking about you and then we both realize it's a bad idea and i have to leave.
or like last night when your brother told me you called, and i was glad to hear you were okay. but i didn't want to
:iconmodestlyvainglorious:modestlyvainglorious 2 1
i'm forgetting you
i'm forgetting you a little more each day.
my coffee looks less like the color of your eyes
and more like a non-fat triple vanilla latte.
when he kisses me good night, it tastes less like compromise
and more like toothpaste.
and when i'm lifting that shot glass to my lips
it feels less like necessity
and more like habit.
:iconmodestlyvainglorious:modestlyvainglorious 6 4
he is here.
his kisses taste like compromise.
and his whispers sound like regret.
he is strong and handsome and here.
he is here.
and when he walks out the door,
i know he's coming back.
and you are playing hero
and pouring sand out of your boots
and never thinking about me.
but i am stuck here
and his lips aren't enough to distract me
and his eyes are the same color as yours
and his arms are here to wrap around me
when i'm crying because i'm thinking of you.
he is here
and i am here
but this compromise is killing me.
:iconmodestlyvainglorious:modestlyvainglorious 2 0
A Memorial Day Poem
I wear these colors in honor of the fallen.
I wear these colors in honor of the brave.
I wear these colors as a reminder of the sacrifices that have been made.
I wear these colors for the heroes past, present, and future.
I wear these colors as a reminder of the blood, the battles, and the childless mothers.
I wear these colors for the scared, the wounded, and the forgotten.
I wear these colors so I won’t forget.
I wear these colors so you won’t forget.
These colors don’t run; they won’t fade.
I wear these colors in honor of the brave.
I wear these colors in honor of the fallen.
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An Introduction, Four Years Later
My name is Torrie.
I like to pretend I have it all figured out.
Confidence is my game.
I like those shows girls aren't supposed to like,
but a lot of them do anyway.
I like the sun shining on my face,
but I hate the way it never seems to touch my legs.
I like talk radio about 80% of the time
and movies.
I love dogs and zoos
and running shorts.
I love maps and places I've never been
and coconut body spray.
I love pretending I haven't grown up,
When the truth is, I have.
I love coffee with cream and sugar,
but I wish I drank it black.
I love the color gray
and nail polish and messenger bags.
I love Vincent’s House at Arles and
my mermaid necklace.
I love the memory of your arms wrapped around me
and that stupid half grin.
I love the idea of you,
I still do.
I hate the idea of moving on.
I hate the fact that I have to.
But I can't hold on much longer,
Because it feels like you're just holding me under.
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i. introduction
tell me about yourself.
tell me all about your wishes, hopes, & dreams.
tell me the secrets you've only told the trees,
the desires you've only told the rivers.
tell me stories of your childhood,
when you still believed in magic
and wishing stars.
tell me of your growing up
when santa claus turned out to be your father
and you learned why mom was so good at finding easter eggs.
tell me all your fears and i will scare them all away.
tell me about the monsters you're still convinced
are underneath your bed.
introduce me to your soul, my dear,
and i will show you mine.
:iconmodestlyvainglorious:modestlyvainglorious 4 2
i am lost in nature
find me.
i am lost in the sunshine and blue sky.
i think i made a wrong turn at the redwood trees.
but the chirping birds insisted i go north.
so i trekked and marched and dragged onward
until my feet could no longer reach solid ground.
find me.
i am lost in the warm sand and salty sea.
i think i made a wrong turn at the mississippi.
but those glugging guppies insisted i go west.
so i trekked and marched and dragged onward
until my feet were kicking and i was swimming.
find me.
i am lost in the rolling hills and smoky mountains.
i think i took a wrong turn in the muddy delta.
but those sweet magnolias told me east is where i need to be.
so i trekked and marched and dragged onward
until i was taller than the clouds.
find me.
i am lost in the desert sand and prickly cacti.
i think i took a wrong turn at pike's.
but those snow-capped mountains told me south
so i trekked and marched and dragged onward
until my feet reached solid ground.
:iconmodestlyvainglorious:modestlyvainglorious 2 2
of broken hearts and magic.
tonight, the stars look less like stars and more like the giant balls of gas people have been telling me they are.
tonight, i cannot find the constellations that i used to call my friends.
tonight, the ocean is a little less mysterious and a little more salty.
tonight i am wishing i knew nothing of magic because this would hurt a little less. i could chalk it up to chemicals and scoff at the idea of a broken heart.
i could leave it at let's be friends [or casual acquaintances] and never worry about what will happen if i run into you at the park.
but i know everything of magic and i felt it in my soul when i was with you and that i cannot forget.
:iconmodestlyvainglorious:modestlyvainglorious 12 7
Dorsey the Sea Lion by modestlyvainglorious Dorsey the Sea Lion :iconmodestlyvainglorious:modestlyvainglorious 0 0 New Jersey by modestlyvainglorious New Jersey :iconmodestlyvainglorious:modestlyvainglorious 1 0


i have not been on in forever..
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